bird singing

How to Write a Melody

You can learn melody intuitively or with a nerdy, thought-out, theoretical approach. Both work. We cover some tips on both methods.

chord progressions comic

How to Make Chord Progressions

Explore how chords are built and how you can bring life to tired progressions through the use of walking bass, pedal point, and other techniques.

love song in your hands

How to Write a Love Song

You love someone because ‘they sing a song only you can hear’. We look at three methods songwriters use to write love songs and offer up a 10-step Love Song Exercise.

Microphone Frequency Response

Microphone Frequency Response: A Concise Guide

What is Microphone Frequency Response? Alterations in air pressure are translated by your microphone into electrical signals, or output. Microphone frequency response is the output level of a microphone across