Transient Response Formula

What is Transient Response in Audio?

What is transient response? Transient response in audio is the ability of a machine to recover from rapid level peaks in sound waves. It is often discussed when assessing the

AKG K702 reference headphones

AKG K702 Review

AKG K702 Review: Overview Introducing the AKG K702 The AKG K702 entered into the Pro line of AKG reference headphones as a follow up to the oft-praised K701 headphones. The

Piano Marvel Logo

Piano Marvel Review

Overview: Piano Marvel Review Introduction: Piano Marvel Review The piano has so much to offer. Few instruments can play percussion, melody, and harmony all at the same time. No other

Headphones for Electric Guitar

Best Headphones for Electric Guitar

It’s not always practical to plug your axe into a Marshall stack when practicing at home. And monitoring from your guitar amp with the free earbuds that came with your

Martin Acoustic Guitar

How to Record Acoustic Guitar

Intro: How to record Acoustic Guitar How do you record an acoustic guitar? How do you skin a cat? These riddles have a myriad of answers. This post is here

Townsend Labs Sphere L22

Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Review

Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Review: Overview Introducing the Sphere L22 There once was a time when digital modeling was lame. Advances in technology have taken away this lameness, however, making

Three Types of Microphones

Types of Microphones & How They Work

The little capsule in a microphone interprets the sound of the moment you are in. Sometimes you need sensitivity, sometimes you wish it wasn’t so sensitive, or maybe you wish