RE20 vs SM7B

Summary and Rating: RE20 vs SM7B The Two Most Popular Broadcast Mics Compared We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about mics for spoken word. In particular, readers want

Shure MV7 vs SM7B

Shure MV7 vs SM7B

Summary and Rating: Shure MV7 vs SM7B Rivals of the SM7B The Shure SM7B is the flagship mic of the Shure line, responsible for a large proportion of spoken professional

Audeze LCD-X Headphones

Audeze LCD-X Review

Audeze LCD-X Review: Overview Introducing the Audeze LCD-X The Audeze LCD-X are part of the company’s reference series headphones advertised to have ‘neutral, accurate’ drivers that allow you to mix

Audeze LCD-2 Classic Headphones

Audeze LCD-2 Classic Review

Audeze LCD-2 Classic Review: Overview Introducing the Audeze LCD-2 Classic The Audeze LCD-2, released in 2009, were some of the first planar magnetic headphones to become popular for studio use.

Neumann NDH 30 Headphones

Neumann NDH 30 Review

Neumann NDH 30 Review: Overview Introducing the Neumann NDH 30 The NDH 30 is an open-back version of the NDH 20 closed-back monitoring headphones released in 2018.  We are big fans of