by Ted Schmitz (Wanderingted) – Founder and Editor

Why This Site Exists

A long time ago, I got an impulse to create music and I needed some gear to make that happen. I didn’t know what a “cardioid polar pattern” was or which online guitar course might brush up my skills.

I needed a site like The Greatest Song to give me some reliable reviews and information about audio gear and some inspiration to write songs. I wanted to find a site that was ad free, where the people actually knew what they were talking about and had used and tested the gear themselves.

That was the inspiration and that’s why this site exists. Thank you so much for being with us here at The Greatest Song.  We are audio nerds and songwriters who navigate the world of live and recorded audio.  We hope to spread the joy of songwriting and music creation and help you find quality gear to make your stuff.

Why you can trust us

We test everything ourselves to provide these reviews. All audio gear or software we review is tried and tested with our own hands, ears, and eyes. We compare and test products side-by-side to keep our ears honest.

We do not accept free gear from anyone.

We try out any online course thoroughly before coming to any conclusions about the product.

Our policy is promote quality regardless of price or brand. All our days and years untangling wires, setting up stands, and listening to mixes allows us tell the difference between gear that rocks and gear that doesn’t rock at all, between a good lesson and bad one.

If an audio product or online learning site sucks, we will tell you.

How We Make Money

This site is entirely reader supported. We select and review products independently. We only make money when you click on a link and buy a product.

If you click on a retailer’s link and buy something, the retailer contributes a portion of the sale to support our site. There is no additional cost for you, the reader, and it’s a simple way to fund our reviews and posts.

Our Team:

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Editor and Founder

Wanderingted is the songwriting alias of Ted Schmitz, songwriter, opera singer, and Founder of the Greatest Song.  Wanderingted writes songwriting, gear reviews, and course reviews for thegreatestsong.com. He received degrees in Music and Theater from Northwestern University and the Manhattan School of Music.

Nugget C Logo

Nugget C


Nugget C is the rap alias of Chris Harper.  With over 20 years experience as a rapper, sound engineer, and producer, Chris contributes songwriting and gear reviews for thegreatestsong.com. He also builds his own microphones in his spare time.

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Edith May


Edith May has worked in the field of sound engineering since 2010.  Edith received her degree in Music and Sound Design from the Royal Holloway, University of London. Edith gigs regularly on the Berlin jazz scene as a drummer.