How to Write a Song

how to write a song guide

Songwriting Guide: How to write a song

Welcome to our songwriting guide.

At the end of your life, you will probably regret a lot of the ways you spent your time in this world. But would you ever regret taking the time to write a song?

There is more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one way to write a song. So we have broken things down here based on your needs and motivations.

For Beginners

If you’re a complete beginner, start with this:

beginner songwriting at piano

How to Write a Song for Beginners

Are you an overwhelmed beginner? Some ideas to get started: Limit your options, emulate something you love. Then try the 8-step exercise here.

For the genre-specific

Many songwriters fall in love with one style or genre of music. And each genre has its special wrinkles. Here are some approaches to specific styles below:

Cowboy riding into the sunset

How to Write a Country Song: Brutal Honesty

Here you can discover 9 tips on how to write a country song. We explore the ideas of Tradition and Truth in Country and cover some practical tips as well.

How to Write a Rap Song

We offer 12 tips on what to listen for in rap and how to create your own rap verses and hooks.

rap song boombox

For the glory and fame

If you are only in this for the glory, fame, and riches then we’ve got you covered as well. Check this out:

a songwriting template on a dry-erase board

Songwriting Template: How To Write A Hit Song

To come up with our songwriting template we deconstructed the top 50 songs on the Billboard charts for last year. So here it is, the latest template for how to write pop songs.

for fundamentals

What about the real stuff that makes songs work? We cover specific areas of song writing below, deep diving into structure, harmony, melody, lyrics and more.

Song Structure

Song Structure: How to Put a Song Together

Discover why song structure is awesome. We discuss some traditional song forms and explore how they lend a hand to the songwriter.

How to Write Song Lyrics: 12 Inspiring Tips

We cover 12 tips on how you can set up circumstances in which good song lyrics are likely to happen for you.

how to write song lyrics well
bird singing

How to Write a Melody

You can learn melody intuitively or with a nerdy, thought-out, theoretical approach. Both work. We cover some tips on both methods.

How to Make Chord Progressions

Explore how chords are built and how you can bring life to tired progressions through the use of walking bass, pedal point, and other techniques.

chord progressions comic

For motivation

Songwriting doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes you need a bit of inspiration. For some, the only inspiration that counts is love! Either way, we’ve got you covered with the following posts.

Drawing of Paul McCartney

Songwriting Tips from Famous Songwriters

This post is here to give some motivation to create using the words of some great songwriters. We offer up 6 tips for those who are stuck.

How to Write A Love Song

You love someone because ‘they sing a song only you can hear’. We look at three methods songwriters use to write love songs and offer up a 10-step Love Song Exercise.

love song in your hands