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Ted Schmitz (aka Wanderingted) is both a seasoned tech expert with over 10 years experience in the industry and a working songwriter and performer. Armed with music degrees from Northwestern University and the Manhattan School of Music, Ted’s reviews go beyond specs and features, connecting audio technology with the actual enjoyment and creation of music.

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Microphone Sensitivity

Microphone Sensitivity: A Concise Guide

What is Microphone Sensitivity? How is it Useful? As discussed in Types of Microphones & How They Work, microphones measure alterations in air pressure and translate them into electrical signals. 

What does a Compressor Pedal Do, Illustration

What Does A Compressor Pedal Do?

Introducing the Compressor Pedal The compressor pedal, often overlooked by beginner guitarists and bassists, is perhaps the most powerful tool in a pedalboard. The results of a compressor pedal are

Types of Reverb

Types of Reverb and How to Use Them

What is Reverb? Reverb, known as reverberation in full, plays a crucial role in music production. It’s the process where sound waves bounce off various surfaces, merging into a series